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We are leading names in the field of providing complete solutions for Carbonated Soft Drink Project. Backed by the latest process support facility and team of experienced professionals, we are able to meet handling demands of complete projects on Turnkey Basis from start to finish. With our expertise in designing, developing and implementing solutions as per the defined steps in the project areas, we are able to assure customers of best available services in the market for handling Carbonated Soft drink projects. The Carbonated Soft Drink category includes soft drinks, energy drinks, and others.

A very easy and simplest of processes is used to produce carbonated drinks in various flavours with strong to light fizz using carbonization as key with Sugar syrup based flavouring agents and other additives.

Soft drinks are produced around the world and they are widely available. Carbonated beverages make up the bulk of the global soft drink industry. The market for these products is still continuing to show outstanding growing potential. The global market is anticipated to reach more than US$410 billion by 2023, at a compound annual growth rate of 2.8%.

Carbonated drinks or fizzy drinks are beverages that contain dissolved Carbon Dioxide in carbonated water . The dissolution of CO2 in a liquid , gives rise to effervescence or fizz. Carbon dioxide is only weakly soluble in water, therefore it separates into a gas when the pressure is released. The process usually involves injecting carbon dioxide under high pressure. When the pressure is removed, the carbon dioxide is released from the solution as small bubbles, which causes the solution to become effervescent, or fizzy.

Carbonated beverages are prepared by mixing chilled flavored syrup with chilled carbonated water. Carbonation levels range up to 5 volumes of CO2 per liquid volume. Ginger ale, Colas and related drinks are carbonated with 3.5 volumes. Other drinks, often fruity ones, are carbonated less.