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RO Water Plant, Industrial RO Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant Manufacturer, Exporter in India

Aguapuro Reverse Osmosis Systems provides the finest level of filtration. The RO membrane acts as a barrier to all salts and inorganic molecules, as well as organic molecules with a molecular weight greater than approximately 100. By applying a pressure that exceeds the osmotic pressure, the reverse effect occurs. Fluids are pressed back through the membrane, while dissolved solids stay behind.

Aguapuro offers state of the art packaged reverse osmosis water treatment plants with pre & post treatment equipment offering very pure water from brackish or saline water. Water produced using RO technology is of very low TDS and free from particulate, organic and colloidal matter. This system comprises raw water feed pump, multimedia filter, activated carbon filter unit, Antiscalant dosing system (Optional water softener), micron bag and/or cartridge filter and RO unit with optional UV unit at the outlet of RO unit. These systems are used for water having TDS upto 2000ppm